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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  October 3, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. . tonight, debate coverage unlike any other in town. 9news joins forces with usa today to bring you instant fact checking on everything you just heard. who told the truth, who didn't, and who do you think won. this is 9news now. good evening. the first presidential debate is in the book. let's get right to the analysis. joining me is former maryland governor represent lynne republican bob. urlich. clearly, gentlemen, you're going to have your own candidates. but who do you think your
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candidate won over? >> i thought the president was fine. the president did what he had to do was an incumbent president. i'm sure obama fans were pleased. clearly from the early poll, romney camp is very happy tonight. this was a strong performance. an engaged performance and formed performance. and clearly he met -- his expectations may have been rather low, by the way, but he met and exceeded his expectations. >> what about the president? >> i think romney won tonight. i think he's going to have a high price to pay tomorrow. his policy positions are completely opposite. i think ekama cross strongly tonight, but -- he came across strongly tonight. when they look at the policy discrepancies and how that falls on the middle class, i think he's going to have to be clear on that. >> we're going to get to the performance in a minute, but did the candidates tell the truth in what they were doing when they
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sparred in this debate. gary nurenberg is at headquarters in mcclane with our fact checker who were following this blow by blow. >> reporter: they were following it blow by blow, and there were a lot of facts to try to unravel. a fact heavy debate. for example, who is going to cut taxes to the middle class. who has the best plan to cut the deficit. who cut700 billion to medicare and does it matter. these are all of the things the fact checkers are trying to get through. we'll have all of that later on. right now, though, matt jablow is out at maryland university where students watched the debate unsold and they're going to have a lot to say about who won or who lost. first, though, let's get to gary nurenberg who has got the story on what both men had to say tonight. gary. >> reporter: well, derrick, no big mistakes. no campaign killing stupidity. if you haven't been paying attention until now, both men let you know what they're offering if they get elected.
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things you didn't see. on her 20th anniversary, michelle obama embracing ann romney. the off camera advice hard for the candidate to take. >> okay. have a good time. >> reporter: they tried big smil, big hand shakes, grab your elbow, don't know what they said when the mikes couldn't hear. and then you can ask but i'm going to do it my way. >> mr. president, please respond directly to what the governor just said about trickle down. >> well -- >> reporter: he didn't respond to that question. went to his talking points instead for a long statement. the moderator then asked governor romney. >> do you have a question that you would like to ask the president directly about what he sa? >> reporter: no question for the president. they both said essentially they're men of the people. >> the teacher that i met in las vegas, wonderful young lady. >> a woman came to me and said i can't afford insurance for myself or my son. >> mr. president, you're entitled to your own airplane and your own house but not your own facts.
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>> reporter: you have to have zinger. >> for 18 months he's been running on this tax plan and now five weeks before the election he's saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: something maybe to take issue with. >> because i think this was a terrific debate. >> reporter: substantive new information about their plans. maybe the next debate. both men were respectful of one another but not differential. both attacked but without vitreal. both fought for their own information. substantive new information, derrick, as we said, maybe next debate. >> all right. there was a lot to talk about it. a lot of facts. especially $5 million in tax cuts. that's what romney wants to do. romney says not me. take a listen. >> governor romney's central economic plan calls for a $5 trillion tax cut on top of the extension of the bush tax
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cuts that's another trillion dollars and $2 trillion in military spending. >> i don't have a $5 trillion tax cult. the scale you're talking about, my view is we have to provide tax relief to the people in the middle class. >> reporter: all right. two contending points there. only one of them can be right. paul singer as fact checker there tonight, who is right? >> mitt romney does have tax cuts in his plan. the issue is is it really a $5 trillion tax cut. because he says if it will make more revenue because it creates more job, those people then start paying taxes, so it doesn't actually cut revenues to the government. but there are cut in the tax rates that individuals pay. i'm not sure how to count whether that is or is not a tax cut. >> reporter: okay. so bottom line, $5 trillion, not $5 trillion or there is no bottom line?
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>> the romney-ryan plan has never specified exactly the loop holes they will close or how the math holds up, but they say it is not a $5 trillion tax cut. >> reporter: all right. so as gary nurenberg says earlier, we're still waiting for the details. we'll get back to you in a minute. now back to anita in the studio. >> all right. we'll be hearing from you again through the night. we want to hear from both parties as well on this. okay. what about the tax cut issue. that big, not that big. it was clearly a point of contention. >> president kennedy cut tax rates, more revenue to the government, fact. president reagan cut tax rates, more money to the federal treasury. fact. that's the point you just heard. that's mitt romney's point. >> the problem, though, is independent tax analysts, including a tax center run by advisors to former president bush, has accepted those growth rates and said even with that, if you do the marginal tax cut that he wants, it's a
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$5 trillion tax cut. even if he gets a trillion of that under corporate tax revenue, that still leaves 4 trillion left. if you close every single loophole, every single one for high income earners, which he's not proposing doing, you would still have over a trillion dollars left even with the optimistic growth rates that have to fall in the middle class, the rate of about $2,000 per middle class family. this has been agreed on by all of the independent analysts. romney's plan has to do that or he has to abandon the plan. and this is what i mean by the fact he has a good night but he's going to have a hangover tomorrow, he's got to explain now is he abandoning the 20% cuts which mainly pay for the high end or is he going to come out for some specifics about how that's not going to fall to the middle class. >> and we're going to be talking about the impact on the middle class a lot more. but we also want to find out what the younger generation has to say about tonight's debate. matt jablow is at the university of college park where students are weighing in. matted, what do they say? >> reporter: what was most compelling is not so much who
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the student supported. it was an overwhelmingly pro-obama crowd. but the high tech way that they express their support. >> i'm extremely excited. >> reporter: for professor phillip resnick, the first debate of 2012 is the culmination of one year's hard work. >> i'm looking forward to seeing the technology in action on the scale. >> reporter: a computer scientist at the university of maryland, he developed a software program that was launched while president obama and mitt romney dualed in denver tonight. >> this is all about a new way to tap into people's opinion. >> reporter: an internet based software program that instantly recorded the reactions of about 500 students watching the debate here in college park and perhaps another 10,000 college students at schools all around the country. >> they are looking on their smart phone at a screen that has
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buttons that says agree, disagree. if you hear something you agree with, tap agree. >> reporter: president obama got his biggest spike of support when talking about education. when mr. romney after a fairly positive reception, his opening remarks did not fair nearly as well with the liberal leaning college crowd as the debate went on. as a journalist, i have to mention it wasn't just romney and obama that they were weighing in on tonight. they also weighed in on the moderator who got rave reviews for the most part. major spikes online. anita. >> interesting. okay. well, we decided to have a little fun as well with tonight's debate. we posted four words and asked our friends out them. how many times are they saying them. joining us now is our social media editor. when the bug words came up with what we as journalists are expecting from the debate.
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>> we had an informal news poll and the words we came up with were middle class, jobs, economy, and american people. president obama mentioned the middle class and income 18 times and mitt romney's most said word was job and jobs which he mentioned 23 times. american people was the least said word for actually both candidates. president obama with just five and romney with four. >> now, let's talk about twitter. you have a map here of literally what is trending right now across the nation. talk to me about this. >> this is so cool. this is trends map which provides real time updates into what is trending across the country. and you can see the larger words are being talked about more on twitter right now. interestingly enough, interrupted, lair and moderator are some of the most spoke he be worst on twitter. >> and -- spoken words on twitter. >> that is funny. matt thought he didn't do enough to keep the candidates in line and the debate moving forward, and that seems to be a little
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case here. lair interrupted quite a bit on twitter. what about the facebook page, during the debate, after the de date there was a lot of -- debate there was a lot of discussion. >> sure. eric writes the same lines for both parties. it's all about voting for the better liar which now may be best liar win. james says nothing new but i felt the philosophical differences were clear where obama felt government role was to protect the people or keep them safe and romney used the constitution as how we defines the role of government. that to me best described the differences. >> very interesting, simon. thank you. topper, let's take it out to you and talk about the weather. >> 82 today. it's more like summer. there is a chance of a couple sprinkles in the morning. we'll have a little fog but not the widespread dense fog like this morning. 60s at 5:00 a.m. and 60s at 7:00 a.m. and mid 70s at
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9:00 a.m.. we'll come back and talk about a pretty strong finish to the week and an interesting weekend. and here is tonight's fact from face the facts, 9news continues right after the debate -- after the break, that is, with more of our debate coverage tonight. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back. i'm live at usa today election headquarters in mcclane, virginia, where they have been fact check tog night's debate trying to figure out the truth from the fantasy that sometimes campaigns use to perhaps win your support. but one of the things we heard a lot about tonight bringing paul into this discussion was this $716 billion medicare cut that actually mitt romney has been talking about for quite some time. it became a part of our debate. let's hear what he had to say. >> i can't understand how you can cut medicare $716 billion for currently sip yents of medicare. -- current recipients of medicare. that is $1 for every 15 you've cut. they're smart enough to know that's not a good trade. >> reporter: president obama comes back and says i didn't cut the 716 billion. i cut rates. is this a good or a bad thing?
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we're still trying to figure it out. >> this one has kicked around. there is two things worth noting. one, there is a $716 billion reduction in payments to providers under medicare. to providers. not, in theory, to beneficiaries. the argument is where are they going to cut it? but the funny thing about it is that's the same number in paul ryan's budget. he also endorsed the same cuts in his budget. they're not cuts then, but they're cuts now. so, yes, there is a $716 billion reduction to medicare providers. >> reporter: mitt romney went on to say that a lot of providers had decided to stop taking medicare. have you checked that? >> i have not been able to get into that detail yet because i'm still trying to figure out exactly when this applies and how many people actually it applies to. but we are digging into that and we'll see if we can get further into it tonight. >> reporter: all right. thank you so much. >> great to be with you. >> reporter: i'll throw it back
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to you in the studio okay. we've been talking to our guests, both republican and democrats, when we talked about obama care and medicare and who is saying what, it seemed to get mired down. >> it can get mired down. but the great thing about the debate, first of all, was the free flowing nature of it. i loved that. >> you did? >> i did. >> you didn't think he could have moved them around. >> no. this is what the president of the united states and the governor running for president is doing. that's what debates are all about. the one minute, two minutes, 30 seconds. this was a real engagement and i loved that. and the second thing going back to the fact finder how difficult this is, the other positive for me was for both camps, this is a clear philosophical race. clear philosophical difference about the role of government. the last 20 minutes was wonderfully instructive, i think, for 11th grade civic courses around the country. one, the president has one view. governor romney has another view. the people who are going to
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decide, it's a clash. and these philosophical differences is what makes up an election. >> first of all, i agree i like the format. it was just a little awkward that's not what was planned ahead of time. >> it was. and they literally missed the segment. >> missed segments and then there is interrupting and then -- so i think if you plan that out, i agree. there were longer answers. >> yes. >> i think if anything, this was the most boring presidential debate of my lifetime, and that should be a good thing. [ laughing ] >> rather than zingers, there was a lot of policy. on medicare i thought romney admitted that he wanted to voucher medicare. it is an ideological difference it was a good debate. you should have the debate about how you want to do it. i do believe it's important that currently tire reez will see 11 -- current retirees will see $11,000. so those are differences we can talk about, whether that's under obama care or not. but let's have the philosophical difference. he believes the competition is going to drive it.
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there was a pole today. 93% of seniors like medicare the way it is. >> wait. they're not going to like the 716. >> at the very early polling right after the debate, did the president seem to falter at all? >> previous debate performances haven't been that strong. for all of the joking about the expectation, the president is really good at conversation and speeches. debates have been a little more of an awkward format. again, i thought governor romney won tonight in terms of what was in front of us. i think we're going to see some fallout from that. so, you know, i think what the president did was he was slow. he was deliberative. he laid out facts. this was a policy dream to have these long answers with lots of facts. we were joking before about the old saturday night live skit where they thought there would be no mass. >> when you're the incumbent, i've been there, it's more difficult. it just is. >> and on that note, let's get a quick wrap from derek as well from your thoughts on usa today.
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>> reporter: well, anita, look, we all heard about how much mitt romney was preparing for the debate. he looked like he was ready for everything president obama had to say. on the other hand, it looked like the president wasn't quite ready. he was repeating some of his same old lines before and they sounded old to me. quite frankly, i wouldn't want to be the guy cleaning the president's laundry because i think he was sweating it out on this one. >> okay. thank you, gentlemen, for be here. >> i can agree with those remarks. >> of course you do. >> the vice presidents go head to head next thursday. and then on october 16th, president and mitt romney face off again. top elet's go to you. >> we're -- topper, let's go to you. >> we're looking at a high summer night. here is our michael and son weather cloud. clouds. still 76. that's ridiculous for this time of year. average high is only supposed to be 74. dew point is way up there. winds are calm.
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pressure still rising at 30.11 inches of mercury. we have a weak frontal boundary. once this goes through, some dryer air will move in. that will set the stage for a fantastic friday. and we'll also set the stage for a decent afternoon. we'll see sprinkles across much of loudoun county up into montgomery county. nothing heavy. it's all green. light. a couple sprinkles in leesburg. a couple sprinkles up 270 once you get up past the spur. our future cast, there could be a couple sprinkles primarily in the mountains. and notice all of the clouds. that's the gray there. we'll put this into motion. a couple sprinkles maybe by lunch time. nothing heavy. finally by afternoon and evening we see the clouds pull away. we'll see some sunshine. in fact, the most sun we have seen since early on in the week. so it's going to take awhile to clear out again, but not as long as it took today. we will see more sunshine. all right. grab your shades. you will need them tomorrow. no doubt about that.
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more sun thursday than we had today. and just we're going to kind of build on that for friday. an isolated shower or thunderstorm on friday in the morning and afternoon and then even better on friday. just a fantastic day on friday. next three days, we're going to keep it code green. okay. 84 tomorrow. great. some clouds in the morning. a couple showers possible. the bulk of the day fine. fantastic on friday. temperatures in the low 80s. mostly sunny skies. less humid. also on friday. and saturday still nice. upper 70s. maybe not quite as warm. most of the showers will be either saturday evening or more likely saturday night. the terps are playing. it's a mid afternoon game and i think they're going fo get the game in -- to get the game in without any showers. it's also a family reunion at the university of maryland. next seven days looks like this. sunday it's not going to change. it's going to rain and shower. it's going to continue into the game. only 60. either way, if you're tailgating or going to the game, it's going
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to be chilly. low 60s on columbus day on monday. mostly sunny. nice on tuesday. we're back in the upper 60s. and then on wednesday partly cloudy. a little milder. high temperatures in the mid 70s. we'll be back with sports right after this. stay with us.
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. and now 9 sports with kristen berset. >> after 162 long games, the nationals are getting a much deserved day off tomorrow, but it won't last very long. friday they'll find out what team they're facing first in the playoffs. we know they're not headed to san francisco, but their actual destination is up in the air. it could be either st. louis or atlanta. the guys say they don't have a preference where they go. they're looking forward to a little r&r. >> to have a day and a half off to relax will be nice. spend some time with the family, get some good dinners and get ready to go. >> relax and prepare for the post season and try to do the same things we've been doing all year and not worry about who we're going to play. >> the baltimore orioles needing a win against the rays to stay in the hunt for the al east
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title. but they ran into a roadblock named evan l o longoria. now, on this final day of the season, history was made once again at nationals park. not only did the nats wind up with the best record in baseball, but teddy roosevelt ended his 6th year losing streak. in the president's race in the middle of the 4th, good old teddy finally came out victorious. perhaps it could be an ohman of what is to come. zimmerman hit a homerun. we asked zim about the win after the game. >> i'm so glad teddy won so we can stop talking about ted tee dy. [ laughing ] >> people get more excited about a mascot race than the game. yes, teddy won. i'm ecstatic. >> at least we're not asking him about strasburg anymore. now we don't have to ask about the president anymore. >> and i do think it is an ohman
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of things to come. >> that's what they're hoping. >> we'll be right back.
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one more check? >> yes. let's start with the three day. okay. >> okay. >> and we're looking at code green tomorrow. a shower still possible but still a pretty darn nice day. 84. fantastic on friday. >> look at that. >> there is the winner. 82. and even saturday still nice. terps in town. i think the showers will hold off until saturday night, so the game will be dry. upper 70s. the music. thank you. if you have something going on, redskins day, something else, is it going to rain all day, i can't guarantee it.
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i guarantee it will be cool. bright and brisk on monday and tuesday. >> that's a big jump down. >> down. >> yes. >> down. all right. thanks for joining 9news for our special coverage tonight of the first presidential debate. tomorrow our early morning team will have much more analysis and reaction starting at 4:25 am, and you can always find us online at i'm anita brikman. good night.
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